“Accepting CBD has changed my life and perspective on society’s accepted health methods.”



All my life marijuana has always had a negative connotation. Growing up in my country, El Salvador, those who mentioned anything related to cannabis was looked at someone who was lazy, with no direction in life. Never in my 60 years, did I think I would be consuming anything that derived from the marijuana plant, especially in the form of medicine. After 5 months of little to no sleep, I tried everything from medication prescribed by distinguished doctors to other natural remedies recommended by sleep scientists. Also spending the night at a hospital, with dozens of wires wired to my head, only to find out from professionals that I had Sleep Apnea. This absurd mis-diagnosis led me to break down with no hope left. All the while, my son desperately tried every avenue to find a cure. His extensive research led him to his discover CBD, the miracle substance that led me to successfully conquer my insomnia. Accepting CBD has changed my life and perspective on society’s accepted health methods. CBD almost immediately put me to bed within one week and I can proudly say that I haven’t had to think about those days for a long time now.

The Best Sleep

“I am seriously getting the best sleep of my life. This is really life changing."



Reducing Anxiety

“Getting through the day has always been a battle. The Meditonix tincture worked so well I hardly think about it anymore.”


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Working Out

“Once I started mixing CBD into my shakes in the morning, I'm noticing much less soreness and increased energy in my workouts.”


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